Fall TV Preview: 'The Millers'


While discussing his new "dysfunctional" CBS family, The Millers star Will Arnett makes a really astute point: "What is a functional family?"

Indeed, it's somewhat apparent to most people that the classic idea of a "normal family" is not something that's very common on or off television in 2013.

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The Millers stars Arnett as a recently divorced man whose father (Beau Bridges) also decides to get divorced, causing Arnett's mother (Margo Martindale) to move in with her reluctant son. Actor J.B. Smoove (Curb Your Enthusiasm, Real Husbands of Hollywood) also stars as Arnett's best friend.

"You get the sense that these are real people, " says Arnett. "These are real situations that we've all been in."

It's that accessibility of the show that the cast hopes will resonate with viewers this fall.

"Dysfunction is not funny," says J.B. Smoove, adding, "what's funny is working through dysfunction."

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Smoove continues, "I can tell by the climate of the room what people will laugh at. When they laugh at the premise I know I've got them. The punch line is just extra."

Watch the video above for insight from the cast on CBS' next upcoming comedy, as well as snippets from The Millers, which premieres this fall on Thursday, October 3, 2013 after The Big Bang Theory.