Bulloch Ranch Hosts Emotional Reunion


The season finale of the UP Network's hit show Bulloch Family Ranch hits the airwaves tomorrow, and it's a big-time family reunion for the Bulloch gang, as Julie and Rusty pull out all the stops for an emotional, uplifting, and enormous get-together.

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Bulloch Family Ranch follows the lives of Julie and Rusty, a devoted and loving husband and wife who take troubled kids into their homes and open their hearts to the needy. Aside from two biological kids, the Bulloch's have raised over 20 others. And now, they are welcoming them all back for a party.

Check out the clip to see the poignant reunion between Rusty and pro football player and former Bulloch Ranch kid Claude Davis.

The season finale airs Wednesday, August 28 at 10:00 p.m. EDT.