'PLL' Star Ian Harding Talks Ezria & Finale Shocks


It's been a rough season for Ezra Fitz. He not only had to come to terms with a seriously soul-crushing break-up, but recently found out the impetus for said split -- baby mama drama -- was entirely fabricated! [falls to knees, shakes fist at sky, shouts, "Maaaaaaaaaggie!!!!!!!"]

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Needless to say, a break in the action couldn't come soon enough for Mr. Fitz -- although that's unlikely to happen tonight as the Pretty Little Liars mid-season finale is "biiiiiiiiiiiiiig," Ian Harding recently said when we sat down to chat!

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I also got everyone's favorite teacher to weigh in on the future of Ezria, the moment that blew Ian's mind this season and we play a second round of everyone's favorite party game, Ian v. Ian!

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