Fall TV Preview: 'Almost Human'


From sci-fi mastermind J.J. Abrams' talented team comes Almost Human, FOX's new crime drama set 35 years into the future when humans in the Los Angeles Police Department are paired up with life-like androids. Prior to the November premiere, ET caught up with the cast who gave us a preview of the intriguing fall series.

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"What I think is really cool about this show is that they're doing it in a really realistic way," raves star Lili Taylor, who embodies the role of LAPD leader Captain Maldonado, a meaty part originally intended for a man. "It's close enough to how we're living now that it could be possible which is more exciting to me than when it's so far in the future it's like I can't imagine that, you know? I can't relate."

Created by J. H. Wyman, a former executive producer of the cult-hit Fringe, Almost Human pits its human and supernatural characters together against everyday evildoers in a not-so-distant future.

"We don't get along at first because of certain prejudices that [Karl Urban as partner John Kennex] shares for droids," previews Michael Ealy who takes on the role of "synthetic" officer Dorian. "After that we grow and learn from eachother. We start to figure it out slowly, but surely."

Click the video for more from the cast, including Minka Kelly!

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Almost Human is set to premiere Monday, November 4 on FOX.