MasterChef Exclusive: The Judges' Kids Visit


Tonight on a two-hour MasterChef episode, the judges are being joined by their kids to get a different voice when it comes to food. The kids are stopping by the kitchen to say hi to their parents and to judge the mystery box challenge.

In this exclusive MasterChef clip, we get to see the judges answer tough questions about their children. Mostly, they are asked to describe what food their kids remind them of.

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"You're incredibly competitive. You're an amazing soccer player, so you're full of energy and you're quite spicy," said judge Gordon Ramsay of his son Jack. "You remind me of the perfect American hamburger, that's packed with spice, loaded with chili, jalapenos everywhere, and doused in this hot sauce. Smothered with the most amazing cheddar, because it's just you all over."

Check out the clip to see more of what the judges have to say about their kids for this special and exciting episode of MasterChef.

The episode airs tonight, August 28, at 8pm on FOX.