Ex-Athlete Reveals 'Extreme' 175-pound Slim-Down


On last night's edition of ABC's Extreme Weight Loss, former athlete Cassandra Dumas documented a one-year journey on the show that led her to lose an incredible 175 pounds! Cassandra spoke to ET today about what she learned together with trainer Chris Powell and how the experience is still keeping her motivated to keep the weight off.

"Going through this year made me really take a look at why I was eating, and why I gained pounds over the years," said Cassandra, who admitted that she turned to food for comfort after a painful divorce.   

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Cassandra said that gaining the weight after being an all-American athlete in high school made it difficult to look into the mirror. "One of the things I learned about myself going through this process is that I'm much stronger than what I thought I was. I'm now doing 5ks right now and I set a goal to do a 10k," she said, adding that she also has a dream to conquer kayaking.

During the show, well-known chef Rocco DiSpirito is brought in to demonstrate how to make quick and healthy meals to inspire Cassandra, who began the show at 364 lbs and ended up at 189 lbs.

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Watch the video for more, including Cassandra's dating plans and to find out her precious gift from Powell. You can catch the next episode of Extreme Weight Loss next Tuesday at 8 p.m. on ABC.