Fall TV Preview: 'Grey's Anatomy'


After years of massive popularity, the medical drama Grey's Anatomy is on the verge of premiering its first double-digit season. ET caught up with Chandra Wilson and Sara Ramirez for a tease of Season 10.

In the Season 9 finale, Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital is left in disarray when a super storm hits the Seattle hospital. Although the crew prepares for the looming disaster based on weather reports, the hospital is still hit hard by the storm.

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To add to the pandemonium caused by the storm, "Meredith Grey" (Ellen Pompeo) goes into labor with the power out and must have a C-section delivery in the dark. To complicate the chaotic situation, Meredith suffers major bleeding in her spleen during labor, but "Dr. Bailey" (Chandra Wilson) comes to her rescue.

While Meredith is rescued, the finale culminated with a cliffhanger surrounding the hospital's authority figure, "Dr. Webber" (James Pickens Jr.), who is sprawled out on the floor after he's electrocuted when turning on the hospital's generators.

Wilson and Ramirez didn't reveal whether Dr. Webber gets up off the floor alright when Season 10 begins, but they had a ball of time toying with ET's Rocsi Diaz when she inquired about the cliffhanger.

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However, Wilson was less playful when it came time to discuss her character, who is traumatized after she accidentally transmits diseases to her surgery patients that eventually killed them.

"To think that that's not going to have residual effects going forward just as a human being, I don't see how there's any way it couldn't," the 43-year-old actress said. "Even her saving Meredith's spleen she gloved up twice 'cause it's always going to be there...in the back of her mind. She considers her hands responsible for some of her patients passing away."

As the show faces a major on-screen cliffhanger, it also faces one in real life. Now entering the eighth year of production on Grey's, rumors have surfaced that longtime actor Patrick Dempsey ("Derek Shepherd") will soon exit the show.

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Watch the video above to hear the ladies' response to the topic as well as Ramirez's reaction to her character's ("Callie Torres") wife's extramarital affair.

Grey's Anatomy
premieres its tenth season September 26 at 9 p.m. on ABC.