Exclusive Clip: 'Alaskan Steel Men' Risk It All

Exclusive Clip: 'Alaskan Steel Men' Risk It All

The Alaskan wilderness is filled with some of the toughest, wildest men in the world. But none may be as tough or as wild as the extreme metal welders of Discovery Channel's Alaskan Steel Men.

The show follows a group of hardened metal workers who forge through the Alaskan wild, taking dangerous jobs that no one else could do. The show is focused around welder Dennis Butts and his crew at Quality Marine of Alaska, a company that repairs Alaskan fishing boats.

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In this exclusive clip, from the episode Dead In Water, we get a peek at what it takes to do this kind of work, and the real danger involved.

Underwater welder Duke must race against a quickly-emptying oxygen tank, while cutting a tangled anchor chain off the bottom of the boat. But, troubles escalate quickly when Duke gets tangled in the chain.

Alaskan Steel Men
premieres Friday, August 30 at 10 p.m. on the Discovery Channel.