Fall TV Preview: 'The Originals'


This fall, some of TV's favorite vampires will be finding a new home, as the Mikaelson clan from The Vampire Diaries moves to New Orleans for The CW's new show, The Originals, and ET sat down with two of the show’s stars.

Joseph Morgan, who's been bringing vampire/werewolf hybrid and true baddie Klaus to life on The Vampire Diaries for several seasons, says, "For me, I've always been a little unhealthily obsessed with the genre, so I felt like this was the chance of a lifetime."

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The show has a built in audience from TVD, and Morgan reveals, "We've just shot the first four days of the first episode, and already there's dozens of fans camped out outside our locations."

Charles Michael Davis plays rival vamp and Klaus' onetime protege Marcel. Davis may be new to the franchise but he's already loving the fan support, "You show up at work and people are cheering you on, and shouting your name. ... It's great, I haven't had that on any other show, so the audience, I'm very grateful for."

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Klaus' siblings Elijah (Daniel Gillies) and Rebekah (Claire Holt), both also well known to TVD fans, accompany him on the move from Mystic Falls to Nola, as does the werewolf expecting Klaus' miracle baby, Hayley (Phoebe Tonkin).

Watch the video to hear what Morgan and Davis have to say about shooting in New Orleans. The Originals premieres Thursday, October 3 on The CW.