First Look: Arsenio Hall's New Late-Night Set


ET was the one show invited to visit the new set of The Arsenio Hall Show, where the returning late-night host gave Rob Marciano the honor of being the first guest.

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"Ladies and gentlemen, put your hands together for Rob Dog," Arsenio said, bringing Rob out onto the snazzy stage.

With the show premiering a week from Monday, the staff is in full rehearsal mode and they're already talking about the possibility of a few big gets -- namely Prince.

Arsenio described a telephone conversation he recently had with The Purple One, saying, "[Prince] said, 'Congratulations! Save me a night.'"

As for whether or not Arsenio will bring back the iconic dog pound, the comedian said, "Even if there's not a dog pound, there will be a dog pound of sorts."

Be sure to tune in for The Arsenio Hall Show premiere on September 9. Click here for your local listings.