Junior Abandons Angie on 'Under the Dome'


After denying his advances, Angie McAlister (Britt Robertson) inadvertently causes Junior Rennie (Alexander Koch) to leave their farm, thus diminishing the group's chances of survival on the next Under the Dome.

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"It is the four of us who are connected. It is not about you and me," said Angie, denying Junior's claims that the two of them shared a special bond. "We will never be together! And if somehow we make this dome come down then I'm gone, too."

Taken aback by Angie's response, Junior stormed out of the barn, but not without a parting message.

"I'd rather live in here and die in here than ever be apart from you," Junior said.

Watch an all-new Under the Dome, guest starring former Passions actress Natalie Zea, Monday, September 2 at 10 p.m. ET/PT on CBS.