Recap: TV's Tormenting Cliffhangers


The last TV season left us with some tormenting cliffhangers to dwell on all summer long. Only a few weeks from discovering what happens next, ET recaps the most tantalizing ongoing cliffhangers.

Season 4 of NCIS: Los Angeles ended with some gruesome times for Eric Christian Olsen's and LL Cool J's characters, as they were taken hostage and subjected to torture. With their lives on the line, viewers are anxiously awaiting to see them find a way out of the precarious situation.

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While it was physical torment that wrapped up the most recent season of NCIS: LA, mental torment plagued the finale of The Good Wife. Julianna Margulies' "Alicia Florrick" is wavering on both her love life and her career.

If Alicia Florrick is torn up about her love life and career, one can only imagine how distraught Kerry Washington's "Olivia Pope" is on Scandal. A crisis manager, Olivia finds herself in a dire disaster when it is publicly revealed that she is having an affair with the president.

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Drama also struck the Grey's Anatomy series finale in a variety of ways. A destructive storm crashes through the hospital, creating pandemonium and forcing "Meredith Grey" (Ellen Pompeo) to deliver her newborn in the dark.

While a healthy new life is brought into the world, another life is in peril. During the storm, "Dr. Webber" (James Pickens Jr.) becomes electrocuted while turning on the power breaker and is left smoldering on the floor when the finale concludes.

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Watch the video above for ET's recap of last season's cliffhangers.