Exclusive Clip: 'Amish Mafia' Gets Its Hands Dirty


If you mess with the Amish mafia, the Amish mafia is going to mess with you. And, as we see in this clip from Discovery Channel's Amish Mafia, it is not going to be a pretty sight.

When one man is betrayed, and never given the payment he deserves, he makes it known that he's not pleased. Mainly by mixing up a big ol' bucket of horse manure, and throwing it in the face of the man who stabbed him in the back.

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Amish Mafia
is a walk-on-the-wild-side of the Amish world, in a seedy underbelly that the church and community does not officially acknowledge. From shady deals to violent thugs, Amish Mafia is a nail-biting tale of crime and punishment in the heart of America's Amish community.

This episode airs September 3 at 9/8c on Discovery.