Exclusive: Mel Gets Trashy in 'Melissa & Joey'


Melissa Joan Hart in a form-fitting, low-cut neon mini-dress, wild teased hair and trashy make-up? What's not to love? The second part of a two-part summer finale of Melissa & Joey airs Wednesday, and Melissa has to do her best Jersey Shore impression when she pretends to be Joey's ex-wife Tiffany, when he goes to visit his dying grandmother in the garden state.

Melissa & Joey
follows the lives of a young, hardworking city councilwoman Melanie Burke (Melissa Joan Hart) who decides to take care of her niece and nephew when their parents are arrested for fraud. Joe Longo (Joey Lawrence) is a former Wall Streeter who loses all his money in the same fraud Mel's extended family committed. Mel hires Joe as a nanny to help raise her niece and nephew.

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In the season 3 summer finale, What Happens In Jersey…, Joey doesn't have the heart to tell his ailing grandmother that he got a divorce from his trashy ex-wife Tiffany, so he begs Mel to come to Jersey and imitate his ex. Then, as we see in the clip, things get a little out of control when emotions run wild, and Mel and Joe take a step that they might not be able to step back from.

Melissa & Joey
's Summer finale airs Wednesday, September 4 at 8 p.m. on ABC Family.