Hoda Kotb Flashes Cell Number On 'TODAY'


Hoda Kotb was warned by her TODAY show co-host Kathie Lee Gifford on Thursday morning not to show her cell number when demonstrating how her watch was synched up to her phone ...but she managed to flash her number anyway.

"Is that my number?" a clueless Hoda, 49, asked when her cellular digits were seen in a close-up shot of the watch.

This, of course, led to her phone blowing up with calls and messages, some of which Kathie Lee, 60, answered while on the show. "I have 20 new voice messages!" Hoda exclaimed. By the time they returned from commercial break, she'd received "1,012" texts! WATCH.

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This technology mishap happened just one day after Gifford introduced her new iPhone on the show.

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