Dina & Michael Take Bitter Feud to Television


Lindsay Lohan's parents are hashing out their not-so-private feud on TV's new conflict resolution show The Test, and we have your first look at the intense back and forth, including arguments over their famous daughter and allegations of abuse occurring when the pair was married. 

"I think what surprised me most about these two is that they ever created life," host Kirk Fox remarked of the taping which had Michael declaring Dina the source of Lindsay's downward spiral.

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"I didn't abuse her everyday," Michael lashes out in a sneak-peek clip of the episodes airing September 11 and 12. "She drank every day. She was abusing herself by drinking and doing cocaine with my daughter!"

Dina and Michael are among the first guests on The Test, which attempts to reconcile differences between rivals with DNA and lie detector tests, as well as good old -fashioned one-on-ones.

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The Test premieres September 9. Check your local listings for stations and times or visit thetesttv.com.