Ricky Gervais Fuses Tragedy & Comedy in 'Derek'


The Office creator Ricky Gervais has proven himself a comic genius in the mockumentary genre, but in his new Netflix series Derek, Gervais says he combines a little more drama with his traditionally biting, satirical comedy.

"Well it's a slight departure. It's probably a bit more sincere and dramatic," said Gervais, who was attending a premiere party last night in New York City for Derek. While admitting that he "sneaked in some drama" in his previous series The Office and Extras, he calls Derek "more of an out-and-out comedy-drama."

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The 30-minute series -- which stars Gervais as a gentle and hilariously tragic man who works at a retirement home -- showcases the star's typically sarcastic humor and situational antics, but also sometimes leads to genuinely heartbreaking results.

"It's like a little safe haven for the forgotten and the outsiders of this world," Gervais explains about the premise of the show. "The threat is like an outside, cruel world, but when they're together, they're happy. So I've sort of created a little nest."

All seven 30-minute episodes of Derek will premiere on Netflix beginning Thursday, September 12 at 12:01 a.m. PT.

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