Tatum Gets Routed by Toddler in B-Ball Contest


Another one bit the dust this week when Channing Tatum became the latest challenger to fall to the mighty Titus Ashby.

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Ashby, the 2-year-old YouTube sensation that defeated Shaquille O'Neal in a shooting contest three months ago, demolished Channing Tatum on the Spanish-language talk show El Hormiguero.

Tatum, 33, and Ashby were both given 45 seconds to make as many shots as possible. The final score wasn't even close -- Tatum (5), Ashby (14) -- and Tatum had help from the show's host.

"He may only be 2, but this kid's got game!" Tatum tweeted after the show. "Had fun playing a little b-ball w/ Titus on @El_Hormiguero today."