'SOA' Returns For Season 6 With A Vengeance


The story of Sons Of Anarchy has entered its final act, and with it comes the violence. As the show's sixth season starts, there has been a lot of turmoil and turn-over for the beloved motorcycle club, but what is really in store for this season?

"We are on the down side of the mountain," said Kim Coates, who plays Tig Trager on SOA, during the red carpet premiere of the new season. "Now we are two seasons away from putting a nail in this coffin."

VIDEO: Sons of Anarchy Season 6 Sneak Peek

David Labrava, who plays Happy on the show, said to "expect the unexpected."

"It's amazing, every week, to get the scripts ourselves, it's just like 'Wow! Did you read it? Wow!' We're just groundbreaking television. We're pushing the envelope further than anyone."

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The cast and crew were very tight-lipped about specifics, but anyone who knows the show, knows it follows the basic structure of Shakespeare's Hamlet, which could reveal a lot of insights about how the show will wrap up over the next two seasons.

Sons Of Anarchy
star Charlie Hunnam revealed a bit more about the type of story-telling to expect.

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"In terms of classic three-act structure of storytelling, we're in the third act of the show now, and that generally, in a violent story, where people start to die," said Hunnam. "I think it is safe to say that it is quite a violent season. But it's also a very emotionally rich season."

Check out the video for more from the cast and crew of Sons Of Anarchy on what the sixth season has in store of diehard fans.
The first episode of Season Six of Sons of Anarchy premieres Tuesday, September 10, on FX.