Steven Tyler Opens Up to Dr. Oz About Addiction


Aerosmith frontman Steven Tyler has made no secret of his partying ways during his decades as a rock star. In a new interview with Dr. Oz, Tyler opens up about his addictions and the long and hard road to sobriety.

"My sobriety cost me nothing less than everything… I lost everything," the 65-year-old rocker confesses. "It's serious.  It's serious when you lose your kids, your children, your wife, your band, your job and you’ll never understand why because you're an addict. You can't figure that out."

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Tyler also spoke about the effects of his drug use on his children. "Two of them never saw me high until about seven years ago. I had a bunch of operations and simply didn't follow my program and I kept the drugs by the side of my bed, so I just did more instead of doing what was prescribed," he said. "Remember I'm a very good drug addict because I've done it for so many years."

For more of Tyler's interview -- in which he reveals when he hit rock bottom and also discusses his gig on American Idol -- tune in totheDr. Oz Show on Tuesday September 10.

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