Meet Jack Black's 'Ghost Ghirls'


Today funny man Jack Black is unveiling his latest project, Ghost Ghirls, for which he served as co-producer. The show follows the antics of best friends and paranormal investigators, Heidi and Angelica, as they comically attempt to solve other worldly cases.

The 12-episode web series premieres today on Yahoo! Screen and ETonline caught up with Black and creators/stars Amanda Lund and Maria Blasucci to get the scoop on the new show. And be sure to check out the exclusive clip above from the ghoul-tastic show.

ETonline: How would you describe the concept of the series?
Amanda Lund & Maria Blasucci: It's two ghost hunters... bumbling but with the best of intentions and are trying to help the paranormal cross over.

VIDEO- 'Ghost Ghirls' Preview at Comic-Con

What inspired this project?

Amanda & Maria: Well, we always loved the paranormal genre. We hadn't mentioned this before but I remember when Maria and I even in college listening to Coast To's a paranormal radio show where people call in with their ghost sightings and we just really loved the genre and we love doing comedy together so we thought let's put some fun characters into this world.

And Jack, how did you get involved with the show?
Jack Black: [Co-creator and Director] Jeremy Konner, my old friend from Drunk History days [and] Tenacious D documentary, brought this project to my doorstep and it was amazing. These girls are incredibly funny and smart and it was a no-brainer. I wanted to be involved and produce it, take it around town; Shepard it if you will.

From the get-go, was this always a show meant for web?
Maria: When we first came up with the idea with Jeremy we meant to just put it online as like a little 10-minute thing, not to put on TV just on the web... It was kind of inevitable it would end up on Yahoo! because they were just the perfect fit and accepting on taking a chance on something a little different.

What can you tell us about the guest stars you have on the show?  
Jack: Well we got Dave Grohl, Val Kilmer, Colin Hanks, Molly Shannon, Jason Shwartzman, Jason Ritter. We got all the good Jasons.

PHOTO- Tenacious D Rocks SXSW with 'Ghost Ghirls'

Any dream guest stars?
Maria: I don't want to say their names! Because what if we date later?... I know Season 2 we want [John] Stamos on the show. And I'll tell you something about Stamos: he won't answer us on Twitter. He won't.
Amanda: We're going to get him
Maria: Stamos, if you're listening...

Jack, having produced Drunk History and now Ghost Ghirls with Jeremy Konner, do you two plan on developing any more web series in the future?

Jack: I do. I had such a blast. I look forward to doing more stuff on the web. I got some ideas. I want to do a show where I'm a CSI kinda guy, investigative kind of wannabe cop. It would be called "Citizen's Arrest" and I'd be going around town, I've already told you too much.

What makes web programming so attractive for projects like this as opposed to network or cable TV?
Amanda: It's the coolest! I just think it's so cool. Some of my favorite shows I'm watching right now are on Yahoo! and Netflix and they're just more cutting edge. And you can really see the personality of the writer/creator come through in their projects which is neat.
Jack: It's the Wild West. And there's not a lot of rules in the Wild West. And there's a lot of cactus-es. I guess it's the combination of the freedom and the ease. You can get something together that is funny and doesn't cost a lot of money and it's just more like what you would do for free, for fun. That's the attraction.