Exclusive 'Amish Mafia': Wayne Bare-Knuckle Boxes


On the upcoming episode of Amish Mafia, Wayne takes revenge on a worker who disrespects him, rendering a scene that looks like it could have been taken from Fight Club. ETonline has your exclusive sneak peek.

"If you're workin' for me, you're going to respect me and do what I ask you to do or you're gettin' your ass kicked," says Wayne, who's labeled the "toughest enforcer" in the Ohio Amish community.

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With a group of spectators circling a makeshift boxing ring, Wayne throws jabs at the body of his worker, who is much bigger in stature than him.

"I've been fighting bigger guys all my life. Nobody scares me," he says as a reel of the scuffle plays. "...Once I get you on the ground, it's all over."

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Wayne's prophetic boast proves true, as he wallops his subordinate with blows to the face after he kicks him below the belt and forces him to the ground.

Watch the exclusive clip above to see the fracas and check out the full episode of Amish Mafia Tuesday at 9 p.m. on Discovery.