Arsenio's Star Studded Return To Late Night


After nearly two decades, Arsenio Hall has returned to the world of late night television, and he's returned with a bang!

ET's Nancy O'Dell got a chance to speak with Arsenio after his first show wrapped, and the star was visibly excited and enthusiastic about the first episode.

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"I was happy!" exclaimed Arsenio. "I wanted to get one under my belt, because I think once I had this done, I feel comfortable about the next twenty years."

His first episode aired Monday, and his guests included Rush Hour star Chris Tucker, rapper Snoop Dog and Paula Abdul -- all close friends of Arsenio.

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"I have the best talent co-ordinators on the planet. Some from my old show, some I've recently become acquainted with, but I booked this from home," Arsenio revealed. "I thought the first night, to give me a comfort level, should just be a return to late night with a bunch of friends."

Check out the video for more from Arsenio about how he prepared for his first show, and hear from Chris Tucker about why it's so much fun being on Arsenio's show.

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