How Daphne Avalon Kept 'Twerk Fail' Hoax a Secret


Stunt woman Daphne Avalon became an overnight celebrity when her viral video, "Worst Twerk Fail Ever- Girl Catches Fire," was unveiled as an elaborate hoax produced by none other than late-night host Jimmy Kimmel. After the big reveal last night, ET's Nancy O'Dell and Rob Marciano were the first to sit down with Avalon, who let them in on how she kept the project a secret.

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Turns out, the Jimmy Kimmel Live! crew had such faith in their star, they didn't even require her to sign a confidentiality agreement.

"They trusted me over at Kimmel," said Avalon, disclosing that only "close family" knew she was involved in the viral video which earned about nine million views in a week.

She adds, "There was some concerned people. I told them that I was A-okay. No burns. No nothing."

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As for how she was picked for the project, Avalon isn't really sure considering twerking wasn't exactly part of her repertoire.

"That was not on my resume, reverted twerking," she laughed. "It's really hard. It's like a full-on workout because you're in a handstand and you're trying to shake your booty and that's not something I do on, like, a daily basis."

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