Kitchen Aflame with Tension in 'MasterChef' Finale


On tonight's season finale of MasterChef, the competition heats up not only with the championship on the line but also amongst the contestants as we seen in ETonline's exclusive sneak peek.

After weeks of strenuous culinary competition in the kitchen, the contestants have been reduced to two: 26-year-old homemaker Natasha Crnjac and 31-year-old restaurant manager Luca Manfe, who face off for a cash prize and the lucrative title of "MasterChef."

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As the cooking showdown gets underway, host and judge Gordon Ramsay survey the eliminated contestants, who are watching Natasha and Luca display their top cooking prowess, about their thoughts on how the chefs are doing.

While the eliminated Krissi Biasiello delivers high praises for Luca, she spews an incendiary insult to Natasha that sizzles hotter than the scallops searing in her pan.

"She made two purees and she's going to sear some scallops. What's so great about that?" Krissi replies when asked by Ramsay if she's impressed at Natasha's meticulous cooking.

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Without missing a beat, Natasha deflects Krissi's petty insult and retorts with a stinging remark of her own.

"Let me just tell you one thing, sweetie: I'm in the Thunderdome and you're not," she says to the applause of the other eliminated contestants.

Check out the exclusive clip above for a preview of MasterChef's Season 4 finale, which airs tonight at 9 p.m. on FOX.