'Amish Mafia' Exclusive: Big Steve Pulverizes Car


On the season finale of Amish Mafia, Big Steve seizes his opportunity to exact revenge on castoff Alan and takes his sledgehammer with him to do so.

In ETonline's exclusive clip of Amish Mafia's Season 2 finale, Lancaster mob boss Lebanon Levi's associate Big Steve is boiling over with anger at Alan, who was once Levi's events coordinator but has now become an enemy after going to prison.

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Alan believes that his incarceration was set up by Levi and is waiting for the opportunity to vengefully take down Levi.

In the meantime, Alan is making money parking cars for the local Amish teenagers, who aren't supposed to have cars based on their religion and don't want their parents to discover their disobedience.

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When Big Steve discovers Alan's secret business, he jumps at the chance to impede his operation by definitively battering one of the cars with a sledgehammer.

Watch the exclusive clip above to see Big Steve pulverize the car, and check out the season finale of Amish Mafia Tuesday at 9 p.m. on Discovery.