Bill's First Father's Day on 'The Little Couple'


It's a very special time for The Little Couple, as Bill celebrates his very first Father's Day, and his wonderful wife Jen has some surprises planned for her husband and their adopted son Will, as they share the occasion as a family.

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The Little Couple
follows the lives of two little people, Bill and Jennifer, who have been married for several years. During that time they tried several times to have a child, but were unsuccessful, until they were able to adopt a child named Will, from China.

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In this adorable exclusive clip, we see what Jen had in store for them: A trip to a hobby shop! Bill and Will get to play with remote control monster trucks, and the family gets together to build wonderful memories.

This very special episode of The Little Couple airs Tuesday, September 17 at 10/9c on TLC.