McDermott and Collette Talk 'Hostages'


The high-octane CBS crime drama Hostages is hitting the airwaves this fall, and ET got to visit the set to talk to the cast about their upcoming prime time thrill-ride.

The show follows prominent D.C. surgeon Ellen Sanders (Toni Collette), who gets chosen to perform a delicate procedure on the President of the United States. A ruthless rogue FBI agent Duncan Carlisle (Dylan McDermott) breaks into her home with a team of mercenaries, and takes Ellen and her family hostage.

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They only have one demand: Ellen must make sure the president dies during surgery, or Duncan and his crew will kill her entire family.

So Ellen, her overbearing husband (Tate Donovan), and their son and daughter, must figure out a way to survive, and to protect themselves against the merciless Duncan, who believes in his own mind that he is actually doing the right thing.

"Most of the time you watch television, you know exactly where it's going," McDermott told ET. "There's going to be a certain point where the case is resolved. And, certainly with Hostages, you don't know. And that's the fun ride and what the series is all about."

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Check out the video for more from the lead characters of Hostages, including Donovan and Collette, about what to expect from the coming episodes, and why the show will appeal to modern audiences.

premieres September 23 on CBS.