5 'TVD' Season 5 Premiere Teases


45 minutes ago, a DVD containing The Vampire Diaries season five premiere landed on my desk, and you can be certain I spent the subsequent 44 minutes (running time sans commercials) devouring the episode. First things first, I Know What You Did Last Summer (airing October 3 at 8 p.m. on The CW) is hands down the best Vampire Diaries season premiere to date.

It not only does a stellar job of illuminating everything that happened during the three month timejump, but it introduces three tremendous new mysteries while continuing to expand upon the Silas mythology that capped off last season's installments.

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Now, I can't tell you too much about the episode (I hate a spoiler as well as accept an implied embargo), but can tease a few tasty tidbits about The Vampire Diaries season five premiere!

1. First things first, the elephant in the room.
Those of you worried Nina Dobrev and Ian Somerhalder's real life breakup would negatively impact Damon and Elena's relationship have nothing to worry about. Not only are both actors complete professionals, but their chemistry is more fiery than ever ... and put to a lot of good use in the first six minutes. A time that includes two separate shirtless scenes for Damon.

2. Delena's not the only ones with sex on the mind.
Matt is a pimp. A PIMP. His European adventure with Rebekah unquestionably gives Mabekah fans exactly the closure they want as she heads to New Orleans (a.k.a. The Originals spin-off). Sadly Matt brings something back from Europe worse than an STD: a shady stage-five clinger with sticky fingers and a dubious drive.

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3. Questionable motives run rampant in the season premiere
as we're introduced to a couple of new characters with curious backgrounds. Most notably Megan, Elena and Caroline's unexpected -- and unwanted -- new roommate. She's one to keep an eye on because Julie Plec & co. never introduce a character without reason. Even April. She served a purpose, right?

4. Katherine's purpose this season
is slowly revealed to be much, much more significant than to simply reveal the side-effects of taking The Cure. Although by episode's end we're left wondering exactly why [SPOILER] holds our former vamp in such high regard. And her doppelganger isn't faring much better as Elena's past continues to present a problem for her future.

5. TVD's other dynamic doubles, Stefan and Silas, are both given moments to shine
(quite literally in Stefan's case since his entombed hallucinations are stunning works of lens flare beauty). Meanwhile, the epic Silas moment showcased in the Comic Con preview (below) plays out with even more power during the episode. And a specific moment was intentionally omitted from that scene, ensuring you'll be screaming "OMG!" as the episode fades to black.

The Vampire Diaries
premieres October 3 at 8 p.m. on The CW.