'ANTM' Exclusive Clip: Marvin Reveals His Curse


Mixing men and women for this cycle of America's Next Top Model was sure to spice things up, but not exactly in the way that we anticipated.

In ETonline's exclusive clip of the forthcoming episode of ANTM Cycle 20, the sexual tension that we're expecting to unfold as female contestant Renee Bhagwandeen slips into male contestant Marvin Cortes' bed late at night is supplanted by witchery.

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As the two flirt in Marvin's bed—despite Renee's confession that he "drives me f***ing crazy; he's annoying sometimes"—Marvin's own confessional interview plays, in which he reveals that he's noticed an uncanny pattern in the women he's become interested in on the show.

"Every girl that I like goes home," the 20-year-old Bronx native observes, listing four girls who he's been interested in who have gone home. "...Now, I like Renee. Shh, don't tell her—she might go home."

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Watch the exclusive clip of America's Next Top Model above and check out the full episode Friday at 9 p.m. on the CW.