Going Crazy For 'New' Star Uzo Aduba


There is so much to love about Orange is the New Black, it's nearly impossible to know where one should begin doling out compliments. So I will simply focus on one performance: Uzo Aduba's electric take on Suzanne "Crazy Eyes" Warren.

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In lesser hands, this woman would be easily reduced to nothing more than her nickname, but Aduba expertly infused "Crazy Eyes" with so much heart, and humanity, those outlandish moments come from a very understandable and utterly human source.

VIDEO - On the Set of OITNB

I had the extreme pleasure of interviewing the actress at EW's Pre-Emmy party on September 20 after she ran into OITNB co-star Laura Prepon -- for the record, it seemed like the two hadn't seen one another in quite a long time, so take that how you will. We talked all about the success of season one, the reality of suddenly having a catch-phrase and I got a little from Aduba about the currently-filming season two. Watch!

Orange is the New Black
season one is now available on Netflix.