Why 'Dexter' Composer Used Human Bones for Music


After eight seasons, Dexter has come to an end. However, there's still plenty of unseen behind-the-scenes footage, including ET's exclusive clip with composer Daniel Licht, who goes into detail on the show's music.

As the music is an integral part of sustaining the show's suspense and horror, Licht and his orchestra intricately incorporated the show's themes and moods into the music.

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"Every season, I try and take the music off on an adventure in the same way it takes the audience off on an adventure with Dexter," Licht said as he recorded the soundtrack for the final episode of Dexter, which aired Sunday.

Licht, who has composed the music for a few other shows and video games in addition to dozens of films, reveals that they added some Dexter-inspired objects to the orchestra that contributed to the depth of the music's influence.

"We also incorporated different sonic instruments. I started off with...human bones, just 'cause I thought that would be a very creepy thing to introduce," Licht divulged. "...It was Season 4 that I introduced using surgical instruments: scalpels—bowing on them—and hitting on autopsy pails."

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Although the score featured some eerie instruments, most viewers likely had no idea that thematic items like human bones were used in the music. Nonetheless, Licht says it adds texture to the music and the show once the viewer discovers the disturbing behind-the-scenes bit of information.

"[It's] all sorts of stuff that if you heard it, you wouldn't know, but...I want to add the extra layer of creepiness to the music—what the music is made from, you can think about that," he said.

Watch the exclusive video above for a behind-the-scenes look at Dexter's music through the eyes of composer Daniel Licht.