'Mindy Project' Rebounds With Kris Humphries


"Just because we don't have wives, doesn't mean we don't have lives!" After his public divorce from Kim Kardashian, Kris Humphries decides to shoot a few hoops with the "Getting Over It Gang" on The Mindy Project.

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"Kris Humphries, no dunking! WNBA rules," Tom McDougall (Bill Hader) instructs.

In a behind-the-scenes interview, the 28-year-old Boston Celtics player says Hader is "acting crazy" as they are all "supporting each other through basketball." Saying of the on-screen gang, "We go out for walks on the beach. ...Spa days ...it's what we do."

Humphries admits that he's a fan of the FOX comedy, saying of lead actress Mindy Kaling, "What I think makes her really funny is that she makes fun of herself. ...I think it's just a really well balanced show."

The NBA pro is just the latest guest star on The Mindy Project. Kendra Wilkinson will appear on the sitcom, while Ed Helms, Seth Meyers, Seth Rogen, Chloe Sevigny and James Franco have already appeared on the comedy.