Should Kelly Clarkson Become A TV Star?


Should Kelly Clarkson Become A TV Star?

Last night marked Robin Williams and Sarah Michelle Gellar's TV returns (his first series regular gig in more than 30 years, she last starred in 2012's Ringer) but judging from social media reactions, you'd think Kelly Clarkson was actually the star of The Crazy Ones.

And it's easy to understand that fan logic since the singer absolutely knocked her role, a sexed-up warped version of Kelly Clarkson, out of the park. Something I don't think anyone who saw From Justin To Kelly was expecting. Clearly the 11 years since that movie came out has made Kelly infinitely more comfortable in front of the camera and in her own skin.

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So, naturally, everyone's wondering when we'll see Kelly on TV next -- and if her next small screen stint will be permanent!

@kelly_clarkson you seriously need to be a regular in a tv series you are way more talented than you think! Loved the crazy ones!! :)

— Casey Sage Mcmillan (@caseysageKC) September 27, 2013

petition to have kelly clarkson star in more episodes

— caitlion (@raylanngivens) September 27, 2013

Never mind Mork and Buffy, we're already dreaming of a #CrazyOnes spinoff starring James Wolk and Kelly Clarkson:

— TVWithoutPity (@TVWithoutPity) September 27, 2013

Those are just a few of the thousand Tweets begging for more Kelly on TV, and while The Crazy Ones producers would love Kelly to make another cameo (they said so at TCA in July), Miss. Independent is crazy busy right now co-headlining The Honda Civic Tour with Maroon 5, and promoting her Christmas album (due out October 25).

But when all is said and done, two things are for certain: Hollywood will be aching to get her on a TV series full-time, and she's a frontrunner for a 2014 Best Guest Actress in a Comedy Emmy nomination.

If you missed any of Kelly's winning moments on last night's series premiere of The Crazy Ones, watch the highlights below!

The Crazy Ones
airs Thursdays at 9 p.m. and Kelly's Christmas album, Wrapped in Red, is available October 25.