How Steamy Will ABC's 'Betrayal' Get?


ET was on the set of ABC's buzzworthy new show Betrayal, which stars Stuart Townsend (Jack McAllister) and Hannah Ware (Sara Hanley) as a top attorney and a professional photographer respectively, who fall in love despite both being married.

But just how steamy will Jack and Sara's affair get?

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According to Ware, it gets "pretty sexy" -- and her and her handsome co-star were forced to get to know each other pretty quickly.

"We met each other on the day of the pilot, so, we were pretty full-on into it doing scenes of that nature, so ... with the pilot we got very well acquainted," she laughs.

And according to Townsend, there were more than a few awkward moments between the two.

"You know, when you have to do a love scene, it's pretty awkward," he admits. "I'm sorry viewers, it's really not that sexy. We try to make it look sexy, while simultaneously being completely awkward inside."

But on a more serious note, Townsend addresses the controversial nature of the show, given that it revolves around an extramarital affair.

"It's not like I'm in an unhappy marriage, or she's in an unhappy marriage, which I like, you know -- it's not black-and-white, it's not, 'Oh he's cheating on her because his wife is mean to him,' it's a little more gray than that," he explains. "But these are adult issues. Betrayal and adultery is a part of life unfortunately, and so we're exploring that."

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Check out the video to hear why Townsend thinks Jack and Hannah can't stay away from one another, and why Ware especially appreciates the show's unique perspective when it comes to her character.

Betrayal premieres Sunday, September 29 on ABC.