Bo Derek: 'Midlife Crisis' Prompted Grueling Swim


Bo Derek is still remembered for rocking one of the most iconic bikini bods in history by appearing in the 1979 film classic 10. Now, 34 years later, Bo -- who's been with Parenthood actor John Corbett for more than a decade -- proves she's kept her flawless figure by opening up to ET's Brooke Anderson about a grueling swim she recently completed through the busiest shipping lane in the world!

It's hard to believe Bo will be turning 57 in November and she's certainly showing no signs of slowing down. "It was some sort of midlife crisis for sure, probably my third," Bo explains about the Hellespont open water swim in Turkey, which she completed on August 30. The event takes place in a narrow channel separating Asia from Europe.

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"All of a sudden I'm in the busiest shipping lane in the world -- my goal is four miles away -- and I have to get there," Bo said. "It was the worst day in the swim's history for weather. The currents were constantly against us or we were swimming cross current."

Despite the storm troubles and large freighters and warships passing through the channel, Bo revealed that in the end, she triumphantly reached her goal by making it "just under the gun." She does admit that at times during the swim she was "afraid of getting lost at sea for a long time."

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ET also spoke with Corbett about supporting his partner's ambitious adventure, as well as her altered eating habits during the training. "I'm six-foot-five, 230 pounds, and she would almost eat as much as I would eat every meal, and yet she would lose weight because she was burning up so many calories in training," Corbett said.

Watch the video for more of Bo's interview and to see her in action in the water during the event as she receives constant encouragement from her boat-bound beau.

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