Cote de Pablo's Passionate 'NCIS' Farewell


Ziva David might be leaving the NCIS team, but as we see in this promo for the farewell episode, she may not be leaving before exchanging some long-awaited close-quarters screen time with her favorite teammate.

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Recently, the news broke that longtime NCIS cast member Cote de Pablo was leaving the procedural drama, and the first episodes of Season 11 would serve as her sign off, leaving many fans disappointed at the abrupt ending to the slow-building romance between her character Ziva, and her NCIS partner Tony DiNozzo, played by Michael Weatherly.

Cleary we can see -- from Tony's desperation beard and the heart-felt airport pleading, along with a passionate kiss -- that this farewell episode will attempt to provide some closure to Tiva supporters. Those are fans of the burgeoning Tony/Ziva romance in case you didn't know.

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But everyone will have to wait until the farewell episode airs to see how Ziva's story finally plays out, and whether or not she and DiNozzo have any chance at a possible future.

The episode airs Tuesday, October 1 at 8/7c on CBS.