Kristin Previews A Whole New Catherine - Exclusive


On October 7, The CW's hit Beauty and the Beast returns for an action-packed (and I really mean that) second season and ETonline scored an exclusive video of star Kristin Kreuk teasing the changes in store for Catherine, and the show, this year!

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"Three months have passed [since the finale] and Catherine is in a crappy place," Kreuk says. "She has spent every day looking for Vincent, that's all she's doing, at the expense of everything else in her life."

And while previews reveal that it won't take too long for these soulmates to find their way back to one another, I can tell you that their journey won't be an easy one this season. The premiere not only sets up dynamic new villains for the duo to tango with, but also ramps up the action, in a big way!

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"It's really action-packed," she says of the shift in pace for season two. "I fight a lot more this year, there's more going on in each storyline, the stakes are higher [and] it's more intense." Check out ETonline's exclusive clip to see exactly what Kristin's talking about!

Beauty & The Beast
premieres October 7 at 9 p.m. on The CW.