'Survivor' Rachel and Tyson Eloping?


Rachel Foulger lost her Redemption Island battle on Wednesday night, becoming the second person to go home on Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains. ET sits down with the girlfriend of Survivor veteran Tyson Apostol to discuss how his prowess in the game was ultimately her undoing, and whether wedding bells will be ringing for the couple.

ETonline: Do you think the fact that you're the loved one of the strongest people on the other tribe was really your downfall, ultimately?

Rachel: Yeah, definitely, that's exactly why I got voted out and that's why I had a target on my back so early in the game. So yeah that's definitely why I went out.

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ETonline: Do you think that once people's loved ones go home they're in a better position in the game?

Rachel: Yeah, honestly, and I asked Tyson that after the show. It's like, after your loved one is gone, you don't have anything to worry about anymore. I know he was worried about how I was doing, was I comfortable, kind of always trying to check in. So I think it is somewhat of a relief when a loved one is gone because now he can just put his head down and just play the game.

ETonline: In terms of the Tadhana tribe, how do you feel about Brad and Brad's decisions as the leader?

Rachel: Brad's just a goofy guy and he has such a dominant personality that a lot of people kind of went with what he was saying, especially being so early in the game. I think we all appreciated having some sort of ringleader. Especially the guys because they have something to hide behind basically. But Brad's definitely a good guy, he's just very ADD and for sure goofy. He was our entertainment out there.

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ETonline: Do you think that your tribe was really thinking about the merge, and focused on staying strong until the merge, and making decisions based on that?

Rachel: I don't really think so at all, and that's why I was really surprised about having this solid guy alliance, just saying, do they really want to go to the merge with all of these strong guys? How come they're not pulling any of the girls in this alliance? That was definitely a question that I had out there.

ETonline: Would you say that playing Survivor on the same season strengthened your relationship?

Rachel: Yeah, it really did, it's kind of a funny thing. We definitely have always been strong together, but I think having experienced what Tyson has done three times. For me to kind of experience that definitely brought us together and I think he appreciates that I went out and did that with him.

ETonline: Was it difficult for you when you left the game knowing that Tyson was still out there, battling the elements and being hungry, etc?

Rachel: Yeah, for sure. Especially having been in the game for a minute and seeing what's going on out there, I definitely about him every day.

Rachel also shares what's next for her and Tyson – wedding bells? She says, "I think it's time to settle down," but adds that the pair can't decide between a wedding and eloping. You can find out how Tyson does this season when Survivor airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on CBS.