'Mom' Sneak Peek: Christy's Awkward Exchange

'Mom' Sneak Peek: Christy's Awkward Exchange

Single mom "Christy" (Anna Faris) may not be the smoothest when it comes to dating, but the clumsiness of a prospective date she meets on the job makes her feel like the cool, calm, and collected one.

On the upcoming episode of Mom, Christy meets a handsome man who's sitting at one of the tables she's waiting (played by guest star Justin Long). When its seems as though he's trying to set up a date between them, Christy breaks the ice by telling him she'll write her phone number on the check.

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The man's attempt to play cool with her and pretend as though he's not interested leads to an uncomfortable exchange between the two, which he tries to resurrect by walking after her.

However, instead of breaking the ice, he spills it and breaks glass instead when the table cloth becomes hitched to his clothing and he dishevels everything on the table onto his sister, who is dining with him.

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"Mission accomplished!" Christy says sarcastically as the two stand there with the rest of the restaurant looking on.

Watch the video above to see that clip and another clip of Allison Janney's "Bonnie" babysitting and draining a kid's piggy bank in the process.

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Mom airs Mondays at 9:30 p.m. on CBS.