'Big Tips Texas' Girls Make a 'Redneck Specialty'

'Big Tips Texas' Girls Make a 'Redneck Specialty'

MTV's new docu-series Big Tips Texas follows the lives of a group of girls who work at a popular bar just outside of Dallas, Texas (think Coyote Ugly) and in this exclusive clip from the new show, the girls show everyone how to make a Minnow Bomb -- a "Redneck Heaven specialty."

"It is any kind of shot you want, and we bring you a live minnow, and you grab up the fish, you drop it in the shot, and you shoot it -- but you don't chew it," Amber explains.

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But when the new girl Maci is peer pressured into taking a Minnow Bomb, drama ensues when Morgan disapproves of the "redneck sushi."

"You don't have to do whatever she tells you," Morgan tells Maci about Amber.

Check out the video for Amber's unsurprisingly less than kind thoughts on Morgan!

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Big Tips Texas premieres this Wednesday, October 10, at 10 p.m. ET/PT on MTV.