Lyndie Greenwood Teases More 'Sleepy' Shocks


Lyndie Greenwood Teases More 'Sleepy' Shocks

In just three short weeks, Fox's Sleepy Hollow has become my favorite new fall show and it seems I'm not alone as it was the first freshman series to score a season two renewal -- and according to the stars, the fun is only just beginning.

Last week's episode culminated with the asylum escape of Abbie's supposedly-psychotic sister Jenny, but as fans -- and Ichabod -- already know, she is far from crazy. For actress Lyndie Greenwood, getting to play a character who is as much of a mystery to her as she is to fans has just been one of the immense joys of joining Sleepy Hollow! But just how long will Jenny be sticking around for? That was one of the questions I had for Greenwood when we chatted about her Hollow future and the end of her other series, Nikita!

ETonline: What appealed to you about playing Jenny?

Lyndie Greenwood: It's fun to play such a strong female character, although she's kind of a mystery to me. Every script I get teaches me something new about Jenny. She's a very interesting character with a lot of mystery to her and I think she's amazing. Her resourcefulness is important; she's so strategic and focused, but she also has a sense of humor to her. She's been dealing with all this insanity for so long, she can't help but laugh about it. She'll never let it get her down.

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ETonline: I loved how that humor manifested itself during Jenny's first meeting with Ichabod! What was going through her mind in that moment?

Greenwood: This is going to sound silly, maybe, but she couldn't help but notice his beautiful stature. Jenny's been locked in this room for quite a while, so when this beautiful man from another time walks in, there's a lot of things running through her head. I also think she's very relieved to finally hear someone else say that she's not insane.

ETonline: The audience knows that Abbie has also come around on Jenny's sanity, but is she open to reconciling?

Greenwood: She's really hungry for support in this quest and Jenny and Abbie were so alone in this world for so long. They shared a real deep bond and Jenny has been craving that connection lately but she's afraid to show it for fear of getting hurt again.

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ETonline: What are you excited for the audience to see in tonight's episode?

Greenwood: There's a lot of good stuff in tonight's episode. Well, there's a lot to Jenny that you still don't know, she's still a bit of a wild card at this point; all we know about her is she's broken out of this psych ward, so what's she going to do out in the world with demons ... and guns! I['m excited for fans to see how she handles herself and plays off Ichabod and Abbie.

ETonline: Next month the final six episodes of Nikita will begin airing. Was it hard to say goodbye?

Greenwood: It's funny, the character was only supposed to be around for 5 episodes, but the writers just couldn't find ways to kill her off [laughs] so she stuck around. I think it was such a gift for the writers to know it was coming to an end. They were able to wrap things up in a really great way, and I think the closure will be good for the fans. It was for the cast. It was so sad to finish, but I think people will be really pleased with our ending.

ETonline: What would you say to the fans praying that Sonya and Birkhoff get a happy ending?

Greenwood: I don't want to give anything away about the final season, but I think that Sonya and Birkhoff gave something to the show that was really nice. You saw some very human moments with those two. Nerdy, old-fashioned, dating moments [laughs]. They don't have the cool, suave of Nikita and Michael -- or even Alex. Everyone else is so cool, while Sonya and Birkhoff bring the nerdy love.

Sleepy Hollow
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