ET FIRST: Blake Shelton & Cher Gel on 'The Voice'


Cher joined Team Blake for The Voice's fifth season, and the two singers spoke first to ET's Rob Marciano about their chemistry.

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In between fits of laughter, Cher and Blake Shelton told Rob that they've been on the same accord with most of the contestants that they've seen and became friends rather quickly. In fact, they've been getting along so well that Blake felt she could become a regular on the judges' panel.

"I have no doubt you'd be good at it," said Blake.

When Blake was growing up, his dad was a huge Cher fan. Blake's father has since passed, but not before witnessing his son get introduced by one of his idols at the ACM Awards.

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"I'm trying to host the show and my phone's back there buzzing like, 'I'll be damned ... You've made it now. Cher said your name,'" said Blake who called those text messages the most excitement he'd ever seen from his father.

While Blake shared the same stage with Cher, could a duet between them be in the works?

"I can do that!" said Cher. "You just heard what a great country singer I am."

Closer to the Truth, Cher's 26th solo album and her first major music project in 12 years, features two country numbers.

"If [those two songs] are any indication, it's going to be a phenomenal album," said Blake.

Closer to the Truth is available now. The Voice airs Monday and Tuesday nights at 8/7c on NBC.