'Baywatch' Cast Talks On-Set Crushes


Boasting one of the most gorgeous casts in TV history, it's no surprise that the guys and gals of Baywatch fancied their fellow cast mates, some of which (believe it or not!) were too shy to pursue their crushes.

Reminiscing at The Hollywood Show, held quarterly for fans in L.A., David Chokachi tells ET that his on-screen love interest Carmen Electra had eyes for him on set, but he was blind to her advances.

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"The awareness came a little late, unfortunately," he laughed, adding that, on the bright side, they took every opportunity to spice up their love scenes with a little illicit tongue action.

Taylor Hasselhoff (daughter of David) was a staple on the beach set, even appearing in an episode or two. Acting as host to our group interview, she revealed a huge crush on cast member Jeremy Jackson. In fact, her love for him ran so deep that she owned a life-sized cutout of the actor which she kissed every night.

"You did?" he responded, shocked.

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Taylor was just seven at the time, so it's safe to say that Jackson was understandably oblivious.

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