WATCH: Kanye & Jimmy Make Nice on 'JKL'


"I don't know if you know this, but a lot of people think you're a jerk," Jimmy Kimmel told Kanye West after the rapper referred to himself as a "creative genius" and not "just a celebrity." Following their Twitter feud this past month, the men sat down face-to-face to hash out their differences in a memorable, sometimes-awkward but certainly quotable interview on Wednesday night's (Oct. 9) Jimmy Kimmel Live.

The Kanye-Kimmel feud originates from the Yeezus rapper's distaste for a JKL sketch poking fun at one of West's recent interviews with the BBC. The sketch was a shortened re-enactment of the sit-down with child actors reciting actual lines from West's interview.

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"The main reason I did that is because I like to see kids curse," said Kimmel, who admitted to taking the quotes out of context. "I think it's funny."

Kimmel then gave Kanye the floor to explain where he was coming from.

"When I did that interview, I was really vocal about a lot of things that I've been dealing with over the past 10 years when I was put in the classification of 'just a celebrity'," Kanye said. "I'm a creative genius and there's no other way to word it. I know you're not supposed to say that about yourself. I say things the wrong way a lot of times, but my intention is always positive."

Perhaps one such communication breakdown could have been spotted on Kanye's Twitter feed last month when he addressed Kimmel in a tirade, writing, "You can't put yourself in my shoes. Your face looks crazy ... Is that funny? ... Or if I had a kid say it would it be funny?"

As Kimmel has used their Kid Re-Kreation segments to skewer artists before, the 45-year-old host didn't anticipate the backlash that followed. Kanye, 36, explained that since he's had positive interactions with Kimmel before, he used the situation to release all the pent-up aggression stemming from false or seemingly cruel headlines directed at him or his family.

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In one moment, Kimmel tells the Grammy winner outright, "When you said you think you're a genius, I think that upsets people."

Kanye responds, "But the truth is a lot of people think they're geniuses, but nobody says it because it's weird to say it. But it is most certainly more honest to say, 'I am a genius.'"

He adds, showing a bit more humility, "I'm totally weird and totally honest and I'm totally inappropriate sometimes, and the thing is for me not to say I'm not a genius I'd be lying to you and to myself."

"Jimmy does his thing, I do my thing, and at some point egos can flare up, and we kind of took it back to high school," the rapper said of the online feud.

Check out the rest of Kanye's six-part interview on Jimmy Kimmel Live, which airs weeknights at 11:35/10:35c on ABC.

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