Sneak Peek: 'PLL's' Spooky Halloween Special


Pretty Little Liars
' highly anticipated festive Halloween episode is just around the corner, and ETonline has your sneak peek at the spooky installment of the mystery-thriller series.

If there are two PLL episodes you don't want to miss, they're the series finale, which is always filled to the brim with drama, and the Halloween episode, which dishes an extra serving of spook and puts the characters in some glorious costumes.

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On this year's Halloween special of PLL, the girls venture deeper into the world of Ravenswood as they follow the mysterious "Redcoat" (Allie?), who rescued the Liars from the Season 3 fire.

The setting not only serves as an eerie backdrop for the Halloween episode, but also introduces viewers to characters from the PLL spin-off Ravenswood, which will premiere following the Halloween special.

"This is the introduction of Ravenswood, which I think we're all very proud of for the creators, producers...[and] for Tyler [Blackburn] (Caleb), of course," Shay Mitchell (Emily) previewed. "I feel kind of like a proud mom giving birth to a new show...even though it's not my show."

VIDEO: 'PLL' Exclusive Halloween Promo!

As for the plot of their own show in the Halloween special, the girls chase the mystifying Redcoat in an attempt to discover his/her identity, still trying to determine if he/she could be their assumed deceased friend Alison, whom they think they've spotted.

"They meet a few people there. I meet Miranda (Nicole) and I have this whole adventure with her and Caleb, and we try and help her find her family," Ashley Benson (Hanna) revealed. "We think that we see Alison; we can't say for sure, but we're pretty sure that we've seen her [in Ravenswood]. So, we're running around the town in these [Halloween] outfits trying to find Redcoat and...Alison."

For this year's special, the girls are adorned in Victorian-era costumes to fit in in mystic Ravenswood. The costumes, created by the show's designer Mandi Line, are visually stunning, but they weren't the girls' favorites to wear.

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Benson admitted she wasn't fond of wearing a corset for the episode and Lucy Hale (Aria) expressed her aversion for the tight clothes and towering high heels, but she acknowledged, "At least we look good doing it, I guess."

Although they are the stars of the show, the girls are just excited to see how each episode unfolds, and the Halloween special is no exception.

"Why would you miss this episode? Other than the finales, this is definitely going to be the most fun episode of the year," said Troian Bellisario (Spencer). "The costumes, the action, so many mysteries will be revealed, and it's just fun. It's a scary the middle of our TV season."

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Check out the sneak peek, including a pair of clips, in the video above, and watch Pretty Little Liars' full Halloween special on October 22 at 8 p.m. on ABC Family.