'Undercover Boss' Pizza Delivery Boy Drives High


It's customary to tip your pizza delivery driver, but this might just cross a line.

In an all-new Undercover Boss, Jane Grote Abell, Chairman of Donatos Pizza, poses as a trainee to see how her company runs from the ground floor. It turns out to be an eye-opening experience for the clandestine supervisor, who learns that being a cashier is not as easy as it looks. She also learns, unfortunately, that money is not the only form of compensation her delivery driver takes.

"I can't think of another time I've been this disappointed," said Abell of the driver after he admitted to occasionally indulging when customers offer him marijuana on the job. "When you see so much hope and potential in someone, it feels like betrayal."

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If you're alarmed at the thought of a local pizza boy toking on the job you can relax, because as he reassures Abell, "it's not like I sit there and smoke for twenty minutes."

Seriously though, please don't smoke and drive.

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Watch the video above to see the oblivious pie-peddler unknowingly reveal his high crimes to the boss of his company, as well as that same boss utterly failing to take basic pizza orders for the company she runs.

Undercover Boss airs tonight on CBS at 8/7c.