'Mom' Sneak Peek: Christy Can't Catch a Break


Nothing ever seems to go Christy's (Anna Faris) way on Mom, especially when it comes to her mother, who isn't exactly the best at letting bygones be bygones.

On the upcoming episode of the sitcom, Christy attempts to release all the anger she's bottled up towards her estranged mother Bonnie (Allison Janney), with whom she's recently reconnected after years of detachment.

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She figures treating her mother to a meal will make her feel better about their relationship but boisterous Bonnie doesn't alleviate the situation in the slightest when she brings up a gripe that Christy's pregnant daughter, Violet (Sadie Calvano), posted on social media.

Christy can't catch a break at home either on Monday's new episode of Mom. When Christy tries to do something nice for Violet by buying her favorite dessert, she isn't grateful, which disappoints her.

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However, she has gets some unforeseen back-up from Violet's boyfriend, Luke (Spencer Daniels), who urges Violet to be appreciative of her mother's nice gesture as he himself scarfs down a piece of the "awesome" dessert.

Watch the sneak peek above, and check out the full episode of Mom Monday at 9:30 on CBS.