E.G. Daily: 'The Voice' Changed Everything!


You've been listening to E.G. Daily's voice for almost three decades, but thanks to The Voice -- and mentor Blake Shelton -- the actress/voice-over artist is finally getting to flaunt her pipes i the way she's long dreamed.

And with The Battle Rounds now underway, fans of her deliciously raspy tones are in for a treat as Team Blake takes to the ring for an upcoming showdown. ETonline caught up with Daily to talk about her voice, The Voice and what brought the two together.

ETonline: What made you want to audition for The Voice?

E.G. Daily: It came out of a time period where I felt kind of depleted. I felt drained and wasn't sure what I really wanted to be doing with my career anymore. It was like a mid-life crisis where I didn't feel happy. It was manifesting as fear and panic and anxiety. I felt fragile as I got closer to 50, and it threw me into a spiral. I couldn't see what I wanted to do anymore, but woke up one day -- after going to doctors and therapists -- and realized I wasn't doing what I wanted to be doing. I was doing money jobs and had stopped being creative. It was about getting somewhere professionally. I realized I needed to be doing what I loved and couldn't buy into the idea of age, or being too old to try and reach your dreams. So I started to make music again and found my purpose again.

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ETonline: You had your choice of mentors, why Blake Shelton?

Daily: I am a country girl in my soul. I was raised on rustic ground with sheep and horses. I didn't want my time on The Voice to be about my success as a voiceover artist or a movie actress; I wanted it to be about who I am today, at this age, as a singer. Blake got that, and I thought it was awesome.

ETonline: What's it been like working together?

Daily: I just love him. He's so funny and I'm all about funny. Laughing is my game. If I could laugh all day long, and only hang out with people who crack me up, that's where I would be. Blake has an amazing sense of humor. But aside from his wit, he's very good at what he does. He really knows music. Although I've been singing my whole life, I have so much to learn, and I'm incredibly grateful to get any advice any of these four want to give me. I mean, Christina [Aguilera] is one of the greatest voices I've ever heard, so to have this opportunity is amazing.

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ETonline: What would your dream album sound like?

Daily: Very autobiographical songs that make you want to sit in your car and drive or cry or laugh. I love songs about life and experiences and feelings. I don't tend to be drawn to up tempo, loud songs, I would probably go for an album filled with beautiful songs that are emotional. That's what I connect to.

ETonline: You've worked in all facets of the entertainment industry, how does the recording world compare to the acting world?

Daily: The music industry has changed so much. You went from having to be on a label to being fine releasing music independently online. Shows like The Voice have changed the game. I've had great platforms in my career -- I've done SNL and American Bandstand -- but nothing compares to singing Breathe on the number one singing show on television. It's instant. You can be grinding and struggling as a musician your whole life and never get an opportunity like The Voice.

The Voice
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