Blackburn: 'Ravenswood' Will Give You Nightmares


When it was announced that Tyler Blackburn would be leaving Pretty Little Liars for Ravenswood, Haleb fans were screaming. And according to Blackburn, they won't be able to stop screaming once they lay their eyes on the PLL spin-off because it is scary, scary, scary!

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"It's really creepy, it's actually scarier than I thought it was going to be," he told me on a recent trip to the show's New Orleans set. "It's intense. I really feel like people are going to have nightmares."

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Check out the interview above to find out why Caleb would stay in such a haunted town, how the character manages to bring his entire wardrobe to a new town in just his tiny knapsack and how the energy -- and humidity -- of New Orleans has permeated the set in very real and profound ways.

premieres October 22 after the Pretty Little Liars Halloween episode on ABC Family!